We invest in the founders first, then their ideas.

About Spanache

Spanache is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in promising founders with visionary ideas.

Advisory Team

The advisors you want on your speed dial when the going gets tough.

Our Portfolio

We partner with founders who are passionate, goal oriented and hungry to succeed.

Founders today don’t need commoditized venture capital firms, they need experienced partners who can save them from making mistakes.

Ideas are easy, implementation is hard. Save the stress, build yourself a great story.

How It Works


Pitch Your Business Idea

Pitching helps us understand the problem you are attempting to solve, your vision for the business and how you plan to generate revenue.



Once you pitch your idea, we screen to understand the market scope, technology or product, size of investment, geographical location, stage of financing, etc.


We evaluate the entrepreneurial skills, technical competence, manufacturing and marketing abilities, and team experience. We conduct thorough risk management is done which is then followed by deal negotiation.


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