Go Big or Go Home!

Spanache is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in promising founders with visionary ideas. We tear down the financial barriers for resolute, defiant and independent thinking founders and unleash the power of entrepreneurship, by investing in global underdogs.
Too many great companies, with the potential to fuel economic growth and accelerate society, are stuck behind financial barriers of the past. Now is their chance to Go Big or Go Home!
We Succeed When You Succeed

At Spanache, our objective is not just to provide you with monetary assistance but to improve the overall growth of your business.

Our success hinges on your success, so we do what it takes.

Why Spanache

We offer capital funding to bold new companies across the globe. We support young industries to set up the ideal plan to boost the growth of the company.

With a team of highly experienced hands-on investors, you need not have to worry about the growth of your company. Our prominent investors will help you make accurate decisions by taking an active role in managing the areas of growth of your company. They will regularly analyze the growth and help your company gain maximum tax benefits while eliminating the risk factors.


We guide you throughout your journey by providing top-level guidance in terms of marketing, sales, business intelligence and many more. In short, we are your long term companions!


What is the investment procedure with Spanache?

The venture capital funding typically involves 4 phases in the company’s development – Idea generation, Start-up, Ramp-up and exit.

– Idea generation and submission of business plans are one of the primary steps towards venture capital funding. Certain essential parameters here are preparing the executive summary of the business proposal, detailed description of the opportunity and market potential and size. A thorough review of the existing and expected competitive scenario with a financial projection is a must. Also, information about the company, functioning and its management team.

– Post the first phase, an introductory meeting is scheduled among the VC team and management team. After the meet, the VC decides whether to move or not to move forward to the due diligence stage of the process.

– The due diligence phase varies depending upon the nature of the business proposal. This process involves solving queries related to customer references, product and business strategy evaluations, management interviews, and other such exchanges of information during this period.

– If the due diligence phase is satisfactory, the VC offers a term sheet explaining the basic terms and conditions of the investment agreement. On completion of legal documents and legal due diligence, funds are made available.

How can I get in touch with team Spanache?

One can reach us through our website and the contact details as incorporated. A detailed summary and details are registered on the website for an easy access purpose. We are available and ready to help.
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What is your investment strategy?

Venture capital funds raise money from investors (Limited Partners) in pools of capital and then invest this in companies that are typically either new or in the initial expansion phases of their lifecycle. Venture Capital funds typically take minority stakes and look to help their investments grow and succeed.

How does Spanache help in connecting with industry experts?

Spanache works across a range of industries and acts as catalysts for innovation. We identify promising businesses and support them with both funding and guidance. Besides providing capital, our experts are tightly focused on assisting with front-end diligence, research, networking, and deal-making. Click Here

How do you work with companies post investment?

Post investment, we ensure an environment wherein the company can feel free to reach out to us in terms of future association or funding. We also obtain feedback from the entrepreneur on the deliverables and offerings. We assist with guidance as and when required.

What information do we need to provide?

A person is required to fill-up the form which is upon the website along with uploading of documents Financial Plan, Investor Deck and Cap table. Click Here

What is the lead time that Spanache takes to close the round?

it is approximately a fortnight after the pitch session. And about a month to complete the due diligence and disbursement.


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